There’s a clear delineation between being famous and being an icon. Accumulating fame is one thing, but securing the title of icon carries a bit more weight. These are the people who survived their first 15 minutes in the spotlight and continue to push the culture forward. But at this point, it’s safe to say that Lil Uzi Vert has surpassed even that moniker (an idol? Maybe a musical dignitary in some respects).

From outfitting luxury cars with anime stickers to implanting a literal diamond in their head, it almost seems as if the platinum-selling recording artist is tuned in to something the rest of the world isn't. But for Moncler Lunettes’ latest collection, the megastar’s public persona is broken down, revealing a more intimate side of the enigma known as Lil Uzi.

Often utilized as a tool to shield wearers from revealing too much to outsiders, Uzi flips this idea on its head. Never ashamed to show up as fully themself, the artist uses the imaginative silhouettes to accentuate their raw identity.

In the iconic Italian label’s FW22 eyewear collection, the new-age rockstar appears clad in various looks that exchange the glitz and glam that usually surrounds them for a more up-close and personal utility-styled look. With a quick glimpse behind the unique shaping of Moncler’s Wrapid frames, Uzi can be seen for everything they are. The sculpted rims highlight the artist’s nonchalant attitude, displaying their subdued approach to fashion for the world to see.

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The North Philly native began their career as a humble Soundcloud MC in 2016, lumped in with the rest of the eccentric, muttering crowd from the time, and has since evolved into a supernova on an unprecedented run of musical success and notoriety. Uzi hasn’t just survived the spotlight; they’ve thrived in it, and rather than influence the culture, they have become the culture.

Never one to shy away from bold style, Uzi seamlessly matches the energy of the Pentagra frames. The edgy wraparound silhouette of the glasses mirror the dynamic artist's unapologetic sense of self, making it clear that with the help of Moncler Lunettes’ fearless design, they aren’t compromising for anyone.

As shown in the past, part of Uzi’s likeability stems from their unusual mannerisms and niche interests. Whether they’re fast-stepping to Jersey club music or popping wheelies on suped-up ATVs in the streets of Philly, the artist brings their own flare and, in turn, leaves a memorable mark on any situation. But after looking at the genre-bending Starchild outfitted in the semi-rimless Ombrate shades, all preconceived notions are stripped away, presenting Uzi as undeniably human.

The transparent shields of Moncler’s futuristic design draw attention to Uzi’s outwardly stoic appearance and invite you to look closely at the seemingly otherworldly rapper. From the outside, the success and high-profile antics give off the impression that Uzi is so far from the “normal” person, but with further examination, they’re just like you and me–someone who can only be themself.

Moncler, Moncler

It makes sense to bring an artist as influential as Uzi into the iconic world of Moncler. But as we’ve seen, both put forth an energy that invites you to join their world. This openness and vulnerability draws you closer, slowly breaking down the facade of fame and luxury and creating relatable points that may once have been unclear.

Through this collab, Moncler Lunettes has created a platform that urges anyone, even those of incomparable success, to show up just as they are, and coming from a star who’s always felt comfortable in their skin, it just feels right.

Get a closer look at the full drop here.

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