Just like that, we're floating through the second week of November, hurtling towards Black Friday and an extensive lineup of new products from Cole Buxton.

I look at the year like a cake. You cut it down into slices, picking off each one until you reach the next milestone, and inevitably, the reset. We've tucked into summer, overindulged on Halloween, and now we're looking to pick off Black Friday before binging out on Christmas.

Preparing your bank account for the shopping season is the consumerist nightmare, with all of your favorite brands and retailers offering deals that feel too good to miss. Old season stock isn't all that this year has to offer, however, as Cole Buxton bolstered its athletic essentialism lineup with new products that push its design needle further yet.

Fans of CB have been, by no means, deprived of product over the past couple of months. Warm Up Day saw the return of signature t-shirt styles, as well as introducing the updated Classic Warm Up hoodie and sweatpants set. Unsurprisingly, it all flew as quickly as it came.

New knitwear products and pants have filled the void between releases, whetting the appetite for what's to come.

While the incoming sale and restocks were expected, the new product droplists continue to reveal surprises – welcomed ones.

For outerwear, six options have been revealed thus far. Waterproof silk insulated pieces are the main draw, appearing as a vest, jacket, and bomber, in both "Washed Orange" and "Washed Black."

Nylon down-insulated outerwear will come in black and grey options.

The most stacked droplist so far is undoubtedly knitwear, which includes beanies, cardigans, sweaters, and pants  – covering the full range of silent streetwear essentials.

Black Friday is shaping up to be the most extensive product offering yet from Cole Buxton, which arrives online on November 25.

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