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For the latest episode of Cop or Drop, we connected with Lil Nas X, everyone's favorite space cowboy and the cover star for the second issue of our new magazine.

As is customary with the series, the 21-year-old rapper lets us know if he'd be willing to spend his hard-earned coins on a range of items from Marine Serre's $285 printed balaclava to $2030 Vetements bear slippers and a $1918 life-size unicorn – spoiler alert, he was rather into it.

We start the episode by gauging the "Old Town Road" rapper's reaction to a straw cowboy hat, only to find out the trend is played out – "I just wanna drop it," he sighs and rolls his eyes. Elsewhere, when presented with Twix's new biscuits, Lil Nas X's passes claiming he's not a fan of chocolate, only to retract his statement in favor of a potential brand deal: "If Twix, however, ever wants  to do like something, I love chocolate."

Press play above to watch Lil Nas X thoughtfully rate things in the new episode of Cop or Drop, then be sure to read our magazine interview with him, which you can find here.

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