Give us this day our Daily Paper, and while you're at it, throw in a side of Street Dreams Magazine. Just like that, our prayers are answered as the duo comes together to launch a new capsule collection.

Connecting across borders to celebrate culture and creativity is what Daily Paper is all about – if we can call it an art, it'd be one that the team has perfected. From Amsterdam to Jamaica, South Africa to New York, the DP imprint is global, thanks in part to its collaborative capsule collections.

Recent world-spanning collections have landed courtesy of Wekafore in celebration of Fela Kuti's legacy, G-SHOCK on the DW-5600, Wizkid, and Popcaan's Unruly; and now, it's Street Dreams Magazine's time in the spotlight.

Based across New York, Vancouver and Tokyo, Street Dreams Magazine is home to the photographic work and stories of artists around the globe. Through digital and physical mediums, including magazine launches, exhibitions, and art shows, the magazine has built a cross-border community of its, aligning perfectly with the vision of Daily Paper.

The collaboration comes in the form of apparel and accessories, pairing black and green to offer up a seasonal palette cleanser. Graphic tees, hoodies, bags, and outerwear are all accounted for with Daily Paper's signature streetwear tailoring.

You can shop Daily Paper x Street Dreams Magazine online and in global flagship stores from November 19.

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