Daniel Arsham is pushing the boundaries of digital art with his first NFT work, by turning his famous eroded design approach into a real-time decaying process.

The artwork dubbed Eroding and Reforming Bust of Rome (One Year) is a collaboration with Barcelona-based studio Six N. Five and based on a prehistoric piece from the Louvre's collection. Conceived as a series of 10 digital sculptures, each subsequent sculpture will be released over the coming year, charting their evolution.

While the bust erodes, the courtyard, which serves as the work's backdrop, will convey the changing seasons — beginning in spring with chirping birds and a flowering tree through to winter where snowfall covers the ground. Each year, the sculpture will regenerate and the cycle repeats in tandem with the seasons, with the final sculpture eroding over a period of 1,000 years.

"I tried to create a feeling that this is a real place, and you have the sense that someone has just left the room," Arsham wrote on Instagram.

The non-fungible token is slated to drop on Nifty Gateway this Saturday, May 22.

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