Daniel Arsham is following the release of his Crystal Relic Game Boy by teaming up with The Pokémon Company for Pokémon‘s first collaborative art project. The initiative is led by a sculptural collection referred to as “Relics of Kanta Through Time,” playing on the artist's signature "Future Relics" theme in which he imagines everyday items as if they were unearthed thousands of years from now.

Arsham's Pokémon collaboration is based on various well-known Pokémon, as he was given access to character designs by The Pokémon Company in order to resculpt them in clay and blow them up to a larger scale in bronze. Again, these sculpted works of art are then imagined as being dug up thousands of years in the future, as Arsham continues to develop his idea of fictional archaeology.

This is all we have on Daniel Arsham's “Relics of Kanta Through Time” collection for now, but be sure to stay tuned for additional details surrounding the anticipated Pokémon collaboration.

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