In just a matter of days Daniel Arsham will be releasing the latest design from his ongoing Crystal Relic series. With Crystal Relic 002, Arsham presents a cast-resin remake of the Nintendo Game Boy.

The attention to detail on Arsham's Crystal Relic Game Boy is immediately noticeable, as the piece features the same design elements as Nintendo's first handheld console, including the D-pad and function buttons, Game Boy branding, and the legal note on the back of the device.

The crystal Game Boy also comes with a translucent replica of the Super Mario Land cartridge, which slides snugly into the back of the console, just as the actual cartridge would. This ultimately makes Crystal Relic 002 the first piece from the artist's Crystal Relic series to include two interlocking elements.

Limited to 500 units and coming in special packaging, Daniel Arsham's Crystal Relic Game Boy with the matching cartridge releases this Friday, January 17, at noon EST on

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