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In 2016, Nico Guardalabene founded ROKIT, aka Real Ones Know It’s True, and in a short period of time has been on people’s radars – including the team at DC Shoes. In fact, the iconic actions sports brand tapped ROKIT to reimagine DC Shoes’ Williams OG.

The kicks feature a scuba bootie on the inside, which adds an extra layer of comfort and support whether you’re running around the courts or the city streets. The ROKIT logo appears along the front panel, as well as on the back of the bootie with a reflective “Real Ones Know It’s True.” We’re really feeling the clear sole, which you get a hint of on the side; it’s a modern take on a classic style.

The collaboration between the two brands is pretty harmonious. For ROKIT, an LA-based brand, its focus is on street skateboarding and street basketball, which complements DC Shoes’ Williams OG model, a kick that takes its inspiration from basketball culture through the lens of skateboarding.

The sneakers were designed by ROKIT’s Rion Barcena, and at the heart of them is a sentiment close to ROKIT’s ethos: products that champion youth of all backgrounds to pursue their passions. To learn more about each brand and the sneakers, visit DCShoes.com/rokit.

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