Dennis Rodman has played with some of the greatest players in NBA history, as The Last Dance spotlights. In light of the popular documentary chronicling Michael Jordan's final season, Rodman is speaking out about why MJ should not be compared to contemporary players like LeBron James.

During an appearance on Mike Tyson's podcast, Rodman explained why he believes Jordan is a much greater player than LeBron could ever be, and it's about much more than just skill. Essentially, it boils down to drive, which the NBA veteran believes LeBron can't come close to.

“[LeBron James] wasn’t bought up this way,” Rodman explained. “I had that desire to win, I didn’t give a shit what it took. I’ll do the dirty work, I don’t give a shit. At the end of the day that ring is more important. For [Michael Jordan] when he came up he had one thing [to do] – 'I’m going if I didn’t beat your ass and do my job.'”

Rodman went on to explain that for himself and MJ "it wasn’t about the money,” but rather about the "fire for the sport." You can watch the full interview below and skip to the seven minute mark to hear his comments on LeBron.

This isn't the only time Rodman has put those Jordan-LeBron comparisons to bed. In another recent interview with ESPN, Rodman went as far as to say that if James had played in the '90s, Scottie Pippen would have been considered a better player. "All these players today should thank Scottie Pippen [...] If LeBron was playing during the '90s, I'd still say Scottie Pippen was the second-best player behind Michael."

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