Brand: Dr. Martens

Model: Vintage 1461, 101 Arc, Vintage 2976, and Vintage 101

Release Date: Available now

Price: Ranging from $210 to $255

Buy: Highsnobiety Shop

What We’re Saying: Dr. Martens is known for a lot of things. There are the brand’s countless collaborations (seriously, they’ve collaborated with everyone under the sun) and the fact that they’re some of the most comfortable boots and brown shoes on the market. Above all else, though, Dr. Martens is best known for being the go-to boot brand for pretty much everyone.

Sure, there are specialty or luxury brands that make incredible boots, too. But Dr. Martens has such a wide range of styles (which come in all sorts of different iterations and colorways themselves), that there’s something for everyone. Want to grab a trusty pair of Chelsea Boots that fit well, are comfortable, and blend in? Dr. Martens. Need a pair of loafers but don’t want to kill your feet? Dr. Martens. Need a 6-inch boot that’s not a Timberland? Dr. Martens.

Seriously, go outside and walk around, and you’re more likely to see a pair of Dr. Martens than any other boot and brown shoe brand out there. Putting a pair of Dr. Martens in your rotation is the boot equivalent of everyone having a pair of Nike Air Force 1s on deck in the sneaker world.

That’s why Highsnobiety Shop now offers a range of Dr. Martens shoes in our store. We’ve kept it simple, selecting only the most classic silhouettes and sticking with the OG black leather colorway. Scroll through our selection below.

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Vintage 101


Dr. Martens

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Vintage 2976


Dr. Martens

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Vintage 101 Arc


Dr. Martens

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Vintage 1461


Dr. Martens

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