Just when we felt like curling up in the fetal position under our desks, Drake came through with another extremely meme-able moment for us to relive for years to come.

In the middle of a Raptors game on Wednesday, November 29, the NBA team’s number 1 fan got caught on camera mid-Perrier pour. Like a second grader who gets called to the principal’s office unexpectedly, he simply fumbles in fear, and we simply cannot stop watching.

One has to wonder - was Drake struck with panic because he was genuinely surprised by the camera? Or did his performance anxiety suddenly set in when he realized he had the potential to seize yet another meme-able moment?

Either way, at one point or several this holiday season, we will all be Drake, sitting courtside, stress-pouring a can of Grapefruit Perrier in the middle of a Raptors game.

Whether you’re stressed out about the latest Supreme drop or the state of social justice in the world, never forget you can crack open a cold one with Perrier Papi and his latest three-second meme-able moment.

Revisit "One Dance" below.

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