According to Finder's new study, Americans spent $44.9 billion on drunk purchases in 2019. WWD reports that the average spending on drunk purchases has increased from $674.96 to $768.58, although the percentage of those partaking in drunk shopping is down from 26.4 percent to 22.9 percent over the past year.

The survey points out that food and alcohol are the most common drunk purchases, followed by shoes, clothes, and accessories, which account for 36.9 percent of drunken buys. Men are more likely to purchase shoes, clothes, and accessories while inebriated, with 45.4 percent making drunk purchases, compared to 20.2 percent of women.

On average, Americans spend $731.32 on car-related purchases while drunk, followed by $705.71 on vacations. The average amount spent on shoes, clothes, and accessories is $148.13.

Finder's report notes that 42.1 percent of Millennials participate in drunk shopping, compared to 35.4 percent of Gen Z. Millennials spend an average of $879.71 while shopping inebriated, while Gen X spends $797.49, and Gen Z spends $650.48.

For added reference, the study shows that Millennials and Gen X have an average of 8.85 alcoholic beverages per week, as 69.7 percent of Americans drink at least one alcoholic beverage a week.

For more on America's drunken spending habits, visit WWD.

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