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What’s a room need in order to feel like it’s yours? We’re not talking about life essentials. This isn’t about furniture. We’re talking about accessories for better living. Call it the way you style tabletops, dressers, walls, and shelves. The little things that move around a space but still manage to broadcast your personality. We asked our staff the same question. Here’s what they told us.

Alexandra Pauly - Beauty Editor - Richardson Ceramic Incense Burner

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Richardson’s penis-shaped incense burner (which conveniently doubles as an ashtray) offers your favorite home fragrance a phallic throne — and it functions as a fabulous conversation-starter.

Sebastian Jean - Fashion Director - Bernard James x USM Black Leather Valet Tray

This valet tray from jewelry designer Bernard James, in partnership with USM Modular Furniture, is one of the reasons why I love design. Here, James takes his love for hardware and applies it to an object that’s outside of his immediate practice, but symbiotic nonetheless. “A favorite thing, for some of my favorite things,” as I’ve been referring to it, the tray features a signature USM frame wrapped in a quality genuine black leather, handmade in NYC. After years of just placing acquired (and expensive) objects atop a wooden dresser, I’m excited to welcome this piece into my space and give a proper home to my daily essentials. 

Oluschi Harmon - Social Intern - Curves x Rebecca Maria Woven Throw 

Nothing says home like a cozy throw blanket to cuddle under after a chilly day. With Curves by Sean Brown’s take on the classic throw, a sense of style is brought into any space. This woven throw features artwork by designer Rebecca Maria that depicts the street style of rap culture through various decorative home pieces. 

Viviana Harris – Social Intern – Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Teardrop Carafe

I am a big fan of objects, valuing design over functionality most times than not. However, this Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Teardrop Carafe made entirely from sterling silver manages to marry design and function, in an extremely chic fashion. Not only will this object add a layer of function to your household, it’ll also look pretty whilst doing so. 

Talia Restrepo - ___ - Houseplant All-In-One Rolling Tray

What do you get when you combine cannabis connoisseur Seth Rogen and home furnishings? The final boss of rolling trays. Houseplant’s handcrafted concrete tray, which features a grinder, an ashtray, and a rolling paper dispenser, is a high-functioning centerpiece for all of your 4/20 needs. “It’s everything you need for the perfect living room, aside from the couch maybe.”

Eloise Moulton – Fashion Intern –  Niko June Eros Torso Hue Vase

In my opinion, vases are the unsung hero of home décor because of how surprisingly functional they are. I adore this funky-shaped vase by Niko June for its multi-purpose use. For example, you could use it for flower arrangements (which is a new hobby of mine; this vase perfectly suits some peonies and gardenias). Put store candy or nuts in this vase and voilà, it now functions as a serving dish. Fill it with knickknacks like matchboxes and it becomes a display case. There are so many functions!

Matteo Mobilio – Visuals Director – Gustaf Westman Chunky Cups

As if my coffee wasn’t already the highlight of every morning, this joy-inducing mug-plus-saucer set gives the start of my day a bit of extra oomph. In a world filled with hard angles and jagged corners, the gentle voluptuousness of these ceramics is enough to put you on a path of tranquility.

Tayler Willson — Style Writer — Cremate Mary Mother of God Incense Tin

When Cremate, the London-based “moment curators,” sent me one of their Mary Mother of God Incense Tins last year, I had no idea what a charcoal incense cone was. A mere 12 months later, I now consider myself a cone virtuoso who lives peacefully in a house peppered with generous notes of frankincense, lavender, and lemongrass. Cleanse your home, not your soul.

Genevieve Walker – Executive Editor – Photo books by Will Vogt, Larry Sultan, Tina Barney, Mohamed Bourouissa, Carolyn Drake (take your pick)

I want a coffee table covered in books (also shelves filled with books, and certain corners). But a large-format book of photography is ideal for the table. It’s an art object, a subtle billboard to the owner’s taste, and entertainment for guests. Which books you choose to strategically place on a table is highly subjective, but if you’re looking for inspiration, museum shops are great go-tos. The kings of photo books, however, are Taschen and Phaidon

Tora Northman – Senior Social Media Manager – Burberry Check Wool Blanket

There’s nothing I value more than a few good hours on the sofa after a long day, and I’ve been cozying up with Burberry’s Check Wool Blanket all throughout the colder months. Not only is it nice and warm, but it also adds a pop of color to an otherwise dull, gray sofa.

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