We hit up EDITED, a London-based fashion analytics company, to see if it could foresee any more polarizing and utterly questionable trends this summer beyond the controversial male romper.

Need a reminder of the male romper’s new-found fame? Well, a few weeks ago, the internet got all riled up because of RompHim – a brand touting rompers for men which launched a Kickstarter to promote its first product drop. Needless to say, it provoked utter outrage and even sparked some dark, savage memery.

Though the male romper has proved provocative to the menswear masses, all that publicity certainly paid off as RompHim sold out of its first product run within a week. RompHim also shattered its $10,000 goal on Kickstarter and has raised over $300,000, and it’s all led to a 64 percent hike in searches for jumpsuits and men’s rompers online!

Clearly, men want rompers but what are some of the most unlikely, weird, and straight-up ridiculous trends trolling womenswear right now?

EDITED rounded-up seven insanely unlikely trends currently gaining traction online that will either inspire feverish thirst or pure revulsion among you. Take a look at these bizarrely basic trends for yourself, and see what Twitter has to say about them. Please feel free to air any of your own thoughts and concerns in the comments below.

Unicorn Everything

The unicorn is having a real moment in 2017. Though the mythical creature has long been one of the most underrated emojis, it's now a bonafide emblem of popular culture. From Starbucks' unicorn frappuccinos to Bagels and Brews' iconic Unicorn bagels to Lisa Frank-inspired beauty and cosmetic trends, unicorns are very much in. There’s been a 125 percent increase in online sales of unicorn-themed items in the last three months compared to one year ago, including unicorn bombers, embellished peep-toe mules, and unicorn pumps all flying the flag for the unicorn fashion trend.

Of course, not everyone is here for the infantilizing unicorn trend.

Boob Tees

You read that right. Boob-emblazoned T-shirts which appear to geolocate the wearer's breasts are proving pretty popular. It seems these T-shirts are a result of many women rallying against Instagram's archaic nudity policy, by posting topless photos with emojis covering their nipples. Now, the likes of Zara, ASOS, and other brands have managed (yet again) to fashion a political statement into a full-blown fad.

You can now cop a range of T-shirts that include everything from palm trees to flames to wording all deftly positioned in the nipple region. So, you can "stay woke" and proclaim your position on body positivity without offending any fragile grandparents at the summer family BBQ.

Laced Jeans

Amidst more conservative trends like sweatpants, sneakers, and suiting, thankfully, there are a small handful of almost overtly sado-sexy trends that have emerged in recent months to mix it up, including laced jeans.

It's hardly surprising laced jeans are having a real moment right now. They've had plenty of runway traction in recent seasons from denim innovators such as Marques Almeida and Isabel Marant has been rehashing this obsession for even longer.

Most notably, lace-up sweatpants were a big part of Rihanna's Fenty x PUMA FW16 collection, and it's meant that fashion influencers like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian have all caught on, making this a bonafide trend.

Online sales of laced jeans are up by a mammoth 70.5 percent from a year ago and some of the closest copies of runway styles have sold out at mass market retailers such as Topshop, Pretty Little Thing, H&M and ASOS's Farleigh (which sold out in a mere 11 days).

As always, not everyone is ready to stan for laced jeans.

Clear Plastic Jeans

Love it or loathe it, clear plastic in fashion is enjoying a trending moment. Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Fall 2017 runway collection at Milan Fashion Week featured dry cleaner bag column gowns and a trash bag cocktail dress and clear perspex booties have been a thing since Yeezy Season 2.

Now, it seems mass-market retailers have taken this trend for transparency to new extremes by selling a range of synthetic slacks. First up, there’s Topshop’s "Moto Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans" which are cropped, see-through skinnies that will leave you entirely exposed from the waist to the ankle.

One piece of deranged denim apparently isn't enough for Topshop though, and the retailer managed to offend the entire internet once again with its “Moto Clear Patent Mom Jeans”. Yes, they look as unholy as their name implies. These are literally mom jeans with gaping kneeholes, patched with clear plastic, and they cost $95.

The Baywatch Swimsuit

With the release of the new Baywatch movie, the classic '90s one-piece that the fictional lifeguards of Baywatch would wear in every single episode is proving to be the it-item of the summer.

Swimsuits For All, a U.S.-based swimwear line is one of many brands reinventing the iconic red bathing suit, releasing a campaign Baywatch-inspired campaign starring some of your favorite models-of-the-moment such as Ashley Graham, Teyana Taylor, and Niki Taylor.

However, the real reason why the red one-piece has been all over your Instagram feed recently is due to an even more effective digital marketing campaign by Sunny Co. Clothing.

The brand promised a free swimsuit on its Instagram — “free” meaning free, minus the cost of shipping to anybody who re-posted their Instagram photo of extremely tan-lined models wearing a Baywatch-inspired swimsuit and tagged the company in it within 24 hours.

Needless to say, it worked and that's why it has been haunting your feed incessantly. The company’s Instagram followers spiked as a result, and many have taken to Twitter to complain about being inundated with that red swimsuit online, over and over again.

Despite the fact that this swimsuit will always be uncomfortably high-cut, sales of the iconic red one-piece are up by a staggering 58 percent in the last three months, with many already sold out. Expect more savage tweets to follow.

Yellow Pants

For ages, the fashion glossies have relegated yellow to the corner of unflattering shades that do nothing for body shapes, skin tones, eyes or hair but yellow’s recent runway rotation is proving unwavering when it comes to reviving this controversial sun-soaked hue.

On the womenswear circuit, everyone from Simone Rocha to Bottega Veneta played with buttercup shades of yellow, and Gucci's vintage-inspired mustard ruffle shirt has emerged as a firm favorite among the street style set. The sucker-punch shade appeared at Acne, Chloé, Mulberry and Jil Sander on the Spring 2017 runways as well.

It's finally disseminated into mass retailers too, with new arrivals of yellow pants up by 21 percent from a year ago, but sellouts have outpaced the growth in the number of styles by a sizeable 27 percent.

According to Twitter, the trend is nothing new and it's warranted criticism as far back as 2010.

Apparently, it's long been trending in Italy and we're only just catching on.

Ruffles & Gingham

While both trends have individually been popular for a while, this summer is set to birth an unholy amalgamation of the two. While there's nothing wrong with a low-key ruffle in a gingham pattern, seeing the picnic pattern manifest in a monstrous ruffled form with an excessive number of layered pleats is just a little too much.

ASOS's gingham-ruffle romper above is thankfully a restrained example, and it's already sold out, so expect more insane versions of this hybrid-trend-beast to hit the racks. Kendall and Kylie's clothing line also featured a fairly non-offensive "Gingham Ruffle Romper" and it's sold out too.

In the last three months alone, the presence of ruffle-gingham pieces has skyrocketed upwards by 125 percent, and complete sell outs are up another 126 percent. The biggest stockists of the off-kilter trend are ASOS, New Look, Matches, Nordstrom, and Farfetch. Meanwhile, the number of ruffled products new in the last three months is up 124 percent and sell outs are up 171 percent.

Of course, not everyone is ecstatic about the gingham-ruffle matrimony, and as always, Twitter shall let it be known.

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