During the eWorld Cup Grand Final in London, EA Sports announced that the 2019 iteration of its popular FIFA title will come loaded with a bunch of brand new features, Euro Gamer reports.

The new features, some of which are standard developments, include "survival mode" — a Battle Royale type situation where a random player is eliminated from the game every time a goal is scored. It won't get to a last-man-standing situation though, as the mode adheres to the real-life rules of the game. Once a team has more than four players eliminated, the game will be forfeited — as per normal rules — and a winner declared.

The rules for kick-off are changing, too — now you can actually turn the referee off and have a rule-free match, meaning you can stray offside or foul until your heart's content. A “headers and volleys” mode will also be added, which means only goals scored via head or volley will count.

A more advanced stat tracking will keep count of when and where your goals were scored, and against whom.

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28, 2018.

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