Czech streetwear store Footshop is celebrating its 10th anniversary in style. We’ve had an eye on the retailer’s celebrations and the latest project is a definite highlight. Teaming up with Filling Pieces, Footshop has put its unique spin on the signature Low Top Ghost silhouette. Footshop x Filling Pieces will see an exclusive release on November 13, but you can enter the raffle already here.

Using the Low Top Ghost as the silhouette, Footshop x Filling Pieces features commemorative branding in the form of gold and red embroidery as well as thick laces interwoven with silver fibers and a minimalistic special-edition, eco-friendly box.

The box is in keeping with the overall design of the pair which is made using factory-production scraps. The sole units feature a speckled finish due to the recycled plastic used to make them. Ultimately, the construction means that no two pairs of Footshop x Filling Pieces Low Top Ghosts are the same.

In honor of Footshop’s 10th birthday, founder Peter Hajduček took us deeper on the project and the company as a whole.

What’s special to you about this latest collaborative project between Footshop and Filling Pieces?

Filling Pieces was a breakthrough brand for Footshop. Its acquisition came at a time when we were trying to reach the highest product lines of major brands, but no one sold the most limited products in our market and no one wanted to be the first. But we managed to land Filling Pieces, which for us was the beginning of a new chapter on the way to a premium range.

Thanks to Filling Pieces, our offering began to change. Now, we’ve stocked the brand for more than 5 years. We meet people from Filling Pieces regularly, for example at PFW, and it's great to develop this contact on a personal level as well. I'm so glad we managed to secure a collaboration because to me it just makes sense.

What's it like to celebrate 10 years of the company you originally started as a school project?

It’s been 10 years of building things we could only imagine in our wildest dreams. At the beginning, I definitely didn't think that one day we would send over a million pairs of sneakers into the world. Today I feel pride, fulfillment, and satisfaction. If I skip my childhood years, I’ve spent half of my life with Footshop.

In addition to big wins, we’ve also had some less pleasant times along the way. But we reach a milestone almost every day, so it's always easier to bounce back from it. For me, a company does not consist of a few big moments but an endless number of interactions and dozens of everyday decisions.

Be sure to secure your ticket in the raffle to get your hands on the Footshop x Filling Pieces Low Top Ghost Sneakers which will release on November 13.

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