Brand: FORMA

Key Pieces: The FORMA-branded Stelton coffee press is a must-have if you’re someone that enjoys several cups of coffee in a day. The press can hold up to eight cups and features a double-walled construction that helps keep the coffee warmer for longer.

Release Date: June 4


Editor’s Notes: FORMA is the brainchild of Etienne Deroeux, who works closely with Skepta and Heron Preston in addition to other industry giants, and Rae Boxer, the fashion director at MASTERMIND. It is a platform that will make a certain number of products available for a certain period of time.

The products stocked on FORMA range from branded basics such as T-Shirts and jackets, to deadstock items such as vintage furniture, out of print books, and home goods. FORMA describes itself as a platform of creatives that make things you can’t find or find things that you can’t make.

The first drop includes Yohji Yamamoto’s “My Dear Bomb” book, “Black Is a Matter of Taste” by Theo van Dusseldorp, and a branded French press from Danish brand Stelton. FORMA will also donate a portion of all proceeds from every drop to its foundation, which strives to provide financial support to artists worldwide.

Think of FORMA as a regular series of drops that feature product that is a combination of carefully curated and specially created. FORMA’s first drop will be on June 4 via the link above.

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