Taking to Instagram, FUCT shared screenshots imagining what Trump would tweet if he was into streetwear — while taking clear shots at Virgil Abloh, Jeff Staple, and HYPEBEAST.

The first tweet reads: "Erik Brunetti is a bad hombre. No room for bad guys in our new street fashion. We must keep the STREET wear SAFE! Virgil is contributing Bigly!"

The second tweet mentions HYPEBEAST, with Trump defending the magazine from those who call it "fake news." In the same tweet, Trump also calls Jeff Staples "the leading pioneer in streetwear."

The final tweet circles back to Abloh and imagines a world where kids are getting thrown out of school for wearing FUCT and the U.S. President cites Abloh as a "safe example."

FUCT has always been known for its tongue-in-cheek humor, so these screenshots aren't exactly surprising, though a fake Trump cosign is a harsh (but hilarious) way to call someone out.

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