FUTUR, the latest entry to the crowded streetwear market, debuts its opening collection with an editorial shot by photographer Sara Sani in the hustle and bustle of inner-city London. Straddling street and skate aesthetics, the label presents a selection of European- and American-made goods revolving around the standard core of graphic printed tees and sweats, with a sprinkling of headwear and cut-and-sewn garments added for good measure. The centerpiece of the collection comes in the form of a coke-white coaches jacket, sporting some very neatly executed alternating colored cuffs. It's a fairly straightforward affair otherwise, with the basic branding on the tees, sweats and headwear.

FUTUR's debut collection is now available at Footpatrol London, Starcow Paris, Lockwood Antwerpen and Dela San Sebastian - and their website can be found here.

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