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Warning: this article features major spoilers from Game of Thrones season eight, episode six.

Last night was the final ever episode of Game of Thrones and all the Twitter fire was enough to melt the Iron Throne.

After 73 episodes and eight years, it all came down to this, and everyone, from those who have been following the show since day one to people who’d avoided Thrones altogether, had memes and reactions to throw into the ring.

Most of the memes came from the fact the world we knew eight seasons ago is now, like King’s Landing itself, in ashes. There were also several poignant farewells, reunions, some accidental modern props, and a couple of good boys to hit the internet well and truly in its feelings.

We’ve gathered the best memes and reactions from the final Game of Thrones episode below.

Twitter has spoken, and this shot is now canon

But the plot left fans burned

Drogon and Ghost were the real MVPs

Even if Drogon’s logic wasn’t exactly airtight

Meanwhile, Bran was *that* guy

Jon Snow was all about his queen

So we didn’t see this coming

But we are here for Queen Sansa

Arya is on to new adventures

Without Gendry though

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