Gatorade just released a new commercial featuring four of the world's most iconic athletes, including 23-time Grand Slam tennis champion Serena Williams, six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, sprinting world record holder Usain Bolt, and six-time champion and NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan. Titled "GOAT CAMP," the ad takes us to a mythical performance center where young athletes are invited to attend to learn from the best in their respective sport.

Upon arriving to GOAT CAMP, these talented individuals are greeted with a glimpse at MJ's legendary dunk, before Williams' powerful serve blasts straight through a concrete wall. Next, the campers look on as Messi goes up against a team of bionic legs, weaving in and out of traffic to showcase his ball-handling skills. The tour is concluded as the world's fastest man autographs each athlete's shirt before they even know what happened.

“Working on the new Gatorade commercial was brilliant," says Messi. "I loved the idea of a ‘GOAT CAMP’ - a place where athletes can work to make their dreams of being the greatest come true. Gatorade is part of my daily training routine, and hopefully the campaign helps to inspire the younger generation to train and perform better than ever before.”

Press play below to watch Gatorade's action-packed "GOAT CAMP" ad, which is part of the company's new 2020 campaign.

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