Brand: Gramicci

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Key Pieces:

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Editor's Notes: Gramicci has left an indelible mark on the streetwear industry and vice versa. The nearly fourty-year-old brand began as a collection of gusset-crotched pants and — following a spell of money trouble — was reshaped by Japanese conglomerate INS into a full line of good-loking hardy apparel, finally filling an international niche left by the likes of Goldwin's Japan-exclusive The North Face Purple Label line.

The Gramicci edge is two-pronged: there's the pricing and the design cues. Admittedly, Gramicci isn't fast-fashion cheap but it is comparable to mainline fare from its many outdoorsy peers, whether you're shopping Gramicci's mainline or Performance series.

Meanwhile, the Japanese oversight gives Gramicci its aesthetic edge. Years of cult success in Japan have pushed Gramicci to explore looser cuts, playful graphic application, and dynamic textiles. It's not as advanced as some of its younger peers but Gramicci is ol' reliable, the brand you can always turn to for some fairly priced, quirky-cool gear

For FW21, Gramicci continues to flex its stylistic muscle without sacrificing the affordability that has lent it global appeal. It's an especially good time to be shopping for cost-effective adventure clothes, as plenty of labels explore the realm in between casual staples and trekwear.

This season sees Gramicci fleshing out its accessible core lineup with new shapes and old favorites alike. Fleeces and quilted layers amp up coziness amidst new bits of workwear, like canvas chore coats and loose jeans, high-spec rain jackets, and standout flight pants. Fits are easy, with oversized coats, trim pullovers, and cropped pants making for especially approachable proportions.

Nothing's too out there, the color palette is versatile without being too wild, the clothes look good but eschew extraneous accents in favor of tutilitarian appeal. Easy does it, that's the Gramicci way.

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