Vogue has just launched Vogue Scandinavia, and for its first issue, the publication tapped Greta Thunberg to grace the cover. The front page features the climate activist wearing an upcycled trench coat, and is shot by Swedish photography and conservationist duo Alexandrov Klum. Inside the issue, Greta speaks about her work, and also took the opportunity to call out fast fashion and the industry itself, writing, "If you are buying fast fashion then you are contributing to that industry and encouraging them to expand and encouraging them to continue their harmful process.

When sharing her Vogue cover, Greta continued the conversation further by calling out the fashion industry as a whole for promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly image without taking actionable change. "Many make it look as if the fashion industry is starting to take responsibility, spending fantasy amounts on campaigns portraying themselves as 'sustainable,' 'ethical,' 'green,' 'climate neutral' or 'fair. But let's be clear: This is almost never anything but pure greenwash," she Tweeted, adding, "You cannot mass produce fashion or consume "sustainably" as the world is shaped today. That is one of the many reasons why we will need a system change."

"Not only is she a singular Scandinavian figure and force of change, she also embodies the love of nature, pursuit of sustainability and unabashed fearlessness that is at the core of our vision," wrote editor-in-chief Martina Bonnier about Thunberg. She added that the theme of the first issue is nature, coinciding with the annual IPCC climate change report.

Thunberg first fell into the spotlight at age 15, when she began her "School Strike for Climate" campaign that quickly spread across the world inspired students to follow her. She's also traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to attend the UN Climate Action Summit, and even had Twitter beef with former US President Donald Trump after he tweeted that, "Greta must work on her anger management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend."

Greta ended her Vogue interview by telling the magazine that she will continue her school strike, and said, "as long as there is a need for activists I will probably be an activist." The issue is currently available for purchase online, as well as a subscription to the new Scandinavian Vogue. For more sustainability info, brands making a difference, and more, follow our Highsnobiety Better Earth manual here.

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