Lana Del Rey interviewed avant-pop songstress Grimes about her upcoming album Miss_Anthrop0cene in a new piece for Interview, and the ensuing conversation was bizarre to say the least. It kicked off with an appearance by Grimes' boyfriend Elon Musk (“Hey, Lana. It’s Elon. I’m about to leave”) and from there went on a weird trip that saw the artists get into everything from religion and fame to love.

As the conversation went on, Lana and Grimes evocatively exchanged their very different life views, with the latter espousing her increasingly curious philosophies and bizarre inspirations behind her forthcoming album. Read through the best and most head scratching answers Grimes gave below.

She likes natural disasters, conceptually

I actually think there was an earthquake yesterday. But earthquakes are fun. All natural disasters are fun in the abstract.

Each track on Miss_Anthrop0cene is inspired by death

There’s a weird philosophical justification for all pain, and there’s an anthropomorphization of every form of pain. In our current society, we don’t even know how to talk about things. So my album’s about a modern demonology or a modern pantheon where every song is about a different way to suffer or a different way to die.

She compares fandom to 14th Century farmers

I think we’re inherently religious, even if we’re not explicitly religious. We get emotional about things that feel religious. Even the way people feel about you, it’s a form of idol worship. I don’t know what else you would call it. If there’s an artist I love, I see them live and I cry, and I’m like, “Man, I’m acting like some 14th-century farmer right now.” I feel like some pilgrim seeing a holy relic or something.

On internet culture

Man, I don’t know. You hit a phase where you lose your life. I open the internet sometimes, and it’s like, “Grimes is testifying in court,” and I’m like, “What the fuck is this? I’m definitely not testifying in court.” I call my lawyer: “Am I testifying in court?” And they’re like, “No, you’re definitely not testifying in court.”

Her relationship with Elon Musk works because they're so similar

I so need to be in love to make good art. The best is being heartbroken, or in a volatile relationship. My worst creative periods have been when I’ve just been in a stable relationship. In my current relationship, we’re both super alpha, crazy people. It’s just level ten all the time, which is great, even though it’s very crazy.

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