It seems like only yesterday that Grimes was selling a notebook of drawings alongside a "fraction of her soul." Domestic life with Elon Musk and baby X Æ A-12 appears to have had an impact on her art practice in recent months because now she's bringing out a kid-friendly, coloring book version, just in time for the holidays.

Grimes’ first coloring book, Miss Information, features 16 original digital drawings by the DIY musician. As with much of her work, audience participation is central to the book. "The coloring book is necessarily incomplete and invites collaboration in much the same vein as the artist’s recent Grimes Art Kit," explains a statement on the book.

As with most coloring books, Miss Information is designed to be used by artists of all ages. Users can modify and activate Grimes’s work using their own tools, whether oil paints, watercolors, or crayons.

Although Grimes and her partner Elon Musk have each warned of the existential threat AI poses to humanity, she must give credit where it's due; The book features an AI-generated poem.

As a new mother, Grimes reportedly learned about infants’ nascent visual perception and their preference for bold monochromatic images.  Although the book is an art object, she's also inviting parents to use the artworks as objects in an eye-tracking game.

Miss Information is available now from Bookshop for $18.35. All proceeds will benefit Carbon180, a climate-focused NGO working to build a world that removes more carbon than it emits.

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