Brazilian wunderkind Gui Khury has made history and become the first skateboarder to land a 1080-degree turn on a vertical ramp. The feat by the 11-year-old prodigy broke Tony Hawk's previous 900-degree turn record, which was achieved back in 1999.

Khury executed the 1080, which is three full spins, just days ago. His father admits that the coronavirus pandemic has given his son plenty of time to work on his skateboarding.

"The isolation for the coronavirus helped because he had a life that was about school and he didn't have a lot of time to train, when he got home from school he was tired," Ricardo Khury Filho said. "So now he is at home more, he eats better and he has more time to train and can focus more on the training, so that has helped."

The skater and his family have been visiting their grandmother regularly to both deliver food and allow Gui to train. They previously built a vertical ramp, bowl, and street course in her backyard.

"He has an opportunity to train here, if he didn't have [the skate facilities] … he would be stuck at home like everyone else and unable to do sport. So the isolation helped him focus," his father went on to add.

After achieving the record-breaking trick, Khury took to Instagram to share his accomplishment with the world. "I was like, 'oh my God, what did I just do?,'" he said. "I was just like, 'OK, I landed it. Now I am going to celebrate.'"

He decided to enjoy a celebratory meal with his family, consisting of mac and cheese — he is 11 years old, remember.

Khury's 1080 bests Tony Hawk's 900-degree turn from 1999. Hawk was 31 when he landed the trick. ABC does point out that American Tom Schaar did complete a 1080 in 2012, albeit on a mega ramp.

Previously, Khury became the youngest skateboarder to complete a 900-degree turn at the age of 8. Looking ahead, he has his sights set on bigger and more impressive tricks, possibly including a 1260.

"One person has done it only but it was on a mega ramp so it will be way [more] difficult for me," he insisted. "It could be [possible]. You never know."

In the meantime while he practices for his next record-breaking accomplishment, you can watch Gui Khury's incredible 1080 below.

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