The 2020 YouTube League has revealed 2020's best paid YouTubers. The list looks at who's earning the most money per video, and raking in $312,312 per video, the six and four-year-old brother duo Vlad and Nikita claim the top spot.

With over 34.5 million subscribers, the children's channel sees the brothers unbox toys, play and tell stories. A pastime which has Vlad and Nikita pulling an astounding $64 million in total earnings.

It's a bizarrely booming genre on YouTube with other kid-targeted channels also making the top ten list. For example, YouTuber Anastasia Radzinskaya (known as Nasty) takes the third spot, making $258,493 per video. The six-year old is also the third-most subscribed YouTube personality with 48.1 million subscribers.

Also on this year’s list of highest-paid YouTubers is Dude Perfect at number two. The team of bros have been posting incredible trick-shot videos to YouTube for over a decade now and make $301,262 per video upload. They are followed by comic channel TheOdd1sOut and Venezuelan internet personality Lele Pons, earning a respective $168,022 and $157,746.

For more on this year’s list, head on over to The 2020 YouTube League and check out the top ten list below.

1. Vlad and Nikita — $312,312 2. Dude Perfect — $301,262 3. Like Nastya Vlog — $258,493 4. TheOdd1sOut — $168,022 5. Lele Pons — $157,746 6. Liza Koshy — $133,035 7. Kids Diana Show — $126,938 8. Collins Key — $120,937 9. Toys And Little Gaby — $89,319 10. James Charles — $79,847

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