How does one move like a Parisian? Is it a relaxed flâner along the Seine? A sultry strut down the runway for Paris Fashion Week? A frantic sprint to catch the final métro train après une soirée en discothèque? The correct answer is all three. The City of Light moves in a multitude of ways, and how one bounces between the various Arrondissements can be as diverse as the French capital itself. One popular way Parisians get their steps in is an old classic—running. Set foot onto the cobbled streets and see everyone from casual joggers to professional athletes breaking a sweat.

As part of our "Not In" series, we're teaming up with HOKA, who has made a name for itself as a brand that caters to runners of all levels. Backed by a strong ethos of both accessibility and performance, we're connecting with local running clubs who know the best of the best for their city. Embracing this energetic spirit, Horah Inc., a premier graphic design studio based in Paris, has taken the initiative to blend creativity with movement. Known for its innovative designs and vibrant community engagement, Horah Inc., is taking the torch to lead the Paris leg of our Not In Run Club powered by HOKA. 

Highsnobiety, Highsnobiety

Tell us about yourselves and and how you came together as a studio?

We were founded back in 2019 here in Paris by Théotim Hunaut, Arthur Nabi, and Nathan Sirieix, with Clément Trauet joining us about 3 years ago. Horah Inc. is a multidisciplinary structure specializing in Graphic Design, 3D, and storytelling. We came together with a shared vision of creating a comprehensive service that seamlessly blends creativity and strategy.

Why do you think there is such a strong connection between run clubs and contemporary streetwear fashion? What is your formula for a perfect running fit?

The connection lies in their shared focus on self-expression, lifestyle, and community. Both realms prioritize comfort, style, and functionality, making it natural for them to intersect. Our formula for a perfect running fit includes high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and a modern aesthetic that reflects current fashion trends while providing the necessary support and comfort for runners.

What is it about the distinctive beefy look of HOKA running shoes that draws them into fashion and design circles?

HOKA's beefy look is eye-catching and unique. In the fashion and design world, standing out is key, and these shoes do just that. They combine bold style with practical benefits, which is a win-win.

How does your background in graphic design influence the way you approach organizing and branding running events?

Our graphic design background influences every aspect of organizing and branding running events. Our experience has highlighted the importance of aligning visual elements with the event’s theme to enhance the overall atmosphere and make the event memorable for participants.

How do you balance aesthetics and functionality when designing attire and paraphernalia for your running clubs?

Balancing aesthetics and functionality involves selecting high-performance materials that offer comfort and durability while ensuring that the design is visually appealing. This approach ensures that our running attire is not only functional but also inspires confidence and pride among runners.

Highsnobiety, Highsnobiety

Paris is densely populated and full of tourists, and summer 2024 will undoubtedly be incredibly busy. How do you navigate these challenges when planning running routes?

Navigating the challenges of a densely populated and tourist-heavy Paris involves meticulous planning and local knowledge. We select routes that avoid the most congested areas and schedule events during times when foot traffic is lighter.

Can you describe any particular landmarks or neighborhoods in Paris that are central to your running routes and why you chose them?

Some central landmarks in our running routes include the BNF, the Jardin des Plantes, the Quais de Seine, la Bourse and the Louvre. These locations were chosen for their iconic status, scenic beauty, and cultural significance. Running past these landmarks offers participants a unique way to explore and appreciate Paris, making the experience both memorable and enriching.

Want to go check out our Paris running route for yourself? Go to HOKA's website here to find the perfect pair for your next run.

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