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[UPDATE] March 19, 2018 12.14 p.m. EST: In a follow up to our original report, a spokesperson from Instagram has confirmed the social media app is not beta testing a new chronological feed.

Speaking to Co.Design, the company stated: “No, Instagram is not testing chronological feed. This meme kicked up somewhere and we’ve been trying to set the record straight.” 

Check out the original post below.

Instagram is apparently beta testing a new, chronological feed – much to the joy of the select few users part of the testing phase.

This news comes after user @jackharding posted a video to his Instagram story that claimed he was seeing his feed in chronological order.

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, changed its business model, and switched to the notorious algorithmic news feed, users have been complaining about missing out on their friends’ posts.

Now it seems Instagram is finally listening and willing to, at the very least, explore the possibility of bringing back the much-loved chronological feed.

This could spell a change for high-engagement accounts who were part of what is described as a “golden circle,” in that they were previously pushed to the top of people’s feeds regardless of when they posted.

Harding also posted the following slides to his Instagram story, sharing his thoughts on what a chronological feed could mean for different accounts.

Harding isn’t the only one to see a new feed, as there have also been other reports of users experiencing a change in their feeds, with most taking kindly to the development.

Instagram has not made an official statement, however, some are speculating this move could have been influenced by apps like Vero, who have popped up and promised users a chronological feed.

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