Jennifer Lopez and Shakira brought the house down at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium last night for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show. Harkening back to February of 2000 when she showed up to the 42nd Grammy Awards in the now-iconic Versace jungle dress, J.Lo appropriately donned styles by the celebrated Italian fashion house.

“We felt that when people think of Jennifer, they think of Versace,” stylist Mariel Haenn revealed before the game. “When the Super Bowl confirmation came through, we knew it had to be them.”

Stylists Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi have been working with Lopez since 2011. They have collaborated with the multitalented entertainer on numerous tours, as well as her Las Vegas residency, but a Super Bowl halftime show brought on different challenges.

“There are always challenges with a performance, but this one is so important, especially since there are so many people watching at home and live in the stadium,” Zangardi told Vogue. “This is a five-and-a-half minute set, with multiple costume changes for her as well as nearly 250 dancers. We had to ensure her costumes could be changed primarily onstage [and] very quickly.”

To solve the conundrum, Haenn and Zangardi chose to layer J.Lo with multiple looks worn simultaneously.

“Every look has to be layered one on top of the other because she never really leaves the stage,” Haenn said. “Her longest quick change is eight seconds!”

Seeing as Lopez performed a series of some of her most noteworthy hits, including “Let’s Get Loud” and “Waiting for Tonight,” Haenn and Zangardi came up with looks to coincide with each phase of her musical career and a specific mood.

“The costumes change with the music, so with her early music we reference some of her ’90s looks,” Haenn revealed. “For more current songs, there’s a classic silver catsuit. For her Latin music, we’ve incorporated some salsa vibes with lots of movement,” Zangardi added.

Haenn and Zangardi did have one favorite look in particular, however, the cape featuring the Puerto Rican and American flags, which J.Lo wore during “Let’s Get Loud.”

For more on Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl LIV outfits, visit Vogue.

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