Jif GIF Peanut Butter
The J.M. Smucker Company

For anyone still wondering about the correct pronunciation of "GIF," American peanut butter brand Jif is here to clear the air. The Smucker-owned imprint has thus partnered with online database and search engine GIPHY to release a special edition jar of peanut butter labeled with "Gif" instead of the usual "Jif" brand name.

"If you’ve ever called a GIF a JIF...we forgive you!!!!!! ....but so it never happens again, we’ve made some GIFs (and a collectible jar) with @jifbrand to clear things up," GIPHY wrote on Instagram.

While the limited edition peanut butter jar replaces "Jif" with Gif," it also makes added references to the pronunciation. A "hard g" graphic is positioned where the “7g of protein” usually appears to further indicate the correct pronunciation, while the phrase “animated looping images” is placed where “creamy peanut butter” is generally stated.

In short, Jif wants you to know that its brand name is pronounced with a “soft g,” not a “hard g,” and the opposite for "GIF." The tongue-in-cheek peanut butter jars have been made available on Jif.com.

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