Justin Bieber in canary yellow Drew House tracksuit and Hailey Bieber celebrating his 26th Birthday in LA

Confined to their homes, Twitter users continue to be fixated on a garish $10.5 million mansion, previously inhabited by Justin Bieber.

Since pictures of the estate surfaced, it has been compared to a Sims City Expansion Pack, a community college and a blender. And some have gone one step further by photoshopping the eye-sore into classic RTS games.

The $10.5 million six-bedroom, 6.5-bath estate, which was dubbed the “salad spinner house” due to its structure, cost the Bieber nearly $60,000 a month. But its sky-high rent doesn’t mean it was stylish. In fact, it looks extremely similar to his neighbor Pharrell‘s weirdly corporate pad.

Bieber was actually forced to move out after two months back in 2015 after the transparent facade and trespassing fans caused obvious privacy issues.

Now, five years later, the ridiculous house has returned to the public imagination. Scroll down to see how seamlessly it fits into a SimCity-scape and how closely it resembles a food processor.

Who did this?

The facade has big blender energy