Last night, YouTube premiered episode seven of Seasons, Justin Bieber's exclusive docu-show. Titled "Planning The Wedding a Year Later," the episode gives fans a glimpse of the couple's wedding and reveals why the ceremony took so long to arrive.

While the couple legally tied the knot in 2018, the actual wedding ceremony took place in 2019. Hailey Bieber explained, "We wanted to move in together, and we didn't believe in doing that until we were married, so we got legally married."

The wedding guests only included family and those "who had been very super involved in the journey." Meanwhile, Justin admitted that he wasn't really involved with the wedding planning, but he only had one request: no centerpieces. "I was like, 'How are we supposed to eat with these flowers in my damn face?'"

Justin Bieber's comeback album, Changes, will release this week, February 14. Watch the latest episode of Justin Bieber: Seasons below.

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