Arguably one of the most influential footwear brands in the sport of tennis, K-Swiss's robust history in the game is transcending beyond sport to outfit a new generation of hustlers and entrepreneurs who embody the same competitive spirit of the game.

In a new campaign titled "Generation K by K-Swiss," the footwear brand linked up with a new generation of influencers and creatives to explore their entrepreneurial spirit and how they've gotten to where they are today. Narrated by serial entrepreneur and all around marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuk, the nearly three-minute video follows Elliot Tebele of @fuckjerry Insta-fame, twin eyewear designers Coco + Breezy, social media strategist Karen Civil and menswear designer Anwar Carrots.

The video highlights the competitive nature of each individual as they give us a peek inside what their process is like. K-Swiss's goal is to inspire and outfit a crop of new entrepreneurs who embody the brand's drive for excellence and competition.

Of particular note is LA-based designer Anwar Carrots' semi-eponymous label, Carrots by Anwar Carrots, which has received widespread acclaim for its simple yet eye-catching graphics. His road to success wasn't easy, however, and he has some sage but simple advice for those looking to replicate his accomplishments. "The difference between those who make it and don't, for me, it's time," Anwar explains. "Imagine I'm one of millions of people trying to do this thing. Allocate certain time to certain places."

Peep the full video above for some amazing bits of entrepreneurial advice from Vaynerchuk and check out the full Generation-K By K-Swiss collection on their website.

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