A new study investigating the online behavior of music fan bases has found that Shakira, Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, and Cardi B, respectively, are the artists who receive the most negative tweets.

The study arrives courtesy of Bose and Currys PC World and takes into account tweets that mention 30 of the world's most popular artists, revealing those with most dedicated, friendliest, or even the angriest fans. Of course, as the study points out, politically outspoken and/or controversial behavior, as well as beef among peers (and other factors) could contribute to the outcome.

“Social media is not just a tool that allows fans to communicate," says Dr. Mark Duffett, an expert in popular music and fan culture. "It is an environment within which some fan communities live.”

The musicians with the most positive tweets are Harry Styles, Camila Cabello, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes, and BTS, respectively.

“Fandom has always been a kind of counter-performance,” explains Duffett. “Though performers often set the tone, fans have a tendency to react and respond in public to things that their favorite artist does or says, or things that happen to that artist, or to their fan own community.”

See below for a breakdown of Currys PC World's social media fan base study, then head here to dive further into the details.

Artists receiving the most negative tweets:

1. Shakira – 45% negative 2. Kanye West – 38% negative 3. Drake – 37% negative 4. Eminem – 36% negative 5. Cardi B – 35% negative

Artists receiving the most positive tweets:

1. Harry Styles – 96% positive 2. Camila Cebello – 95% positive 2. Lady Gaga - 95% positive 4. Shawn Mendes – 94% positive 5. BTS – 92% positive

Artists receiving the most Twitter mentions:

1. Justin Bieber – 107,000,000 2. Rihanna – 93,900,000 3. Taylor Swift - 84,900,000 4. Lady Gaga – 79,700,000 5. Ariana Grande – 66,600,000 6. Drake – 38,600,000 7. Shawn Mendes – 23,800,000 8. BTS – 22,200,000 9. Beyoncé – 15,367,000 10. Camila Cabello – 9,700,000

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