Everyone wants some DONDA but Kanye's got too much music to release. Instead of some new tracks, how about an unreleased oldie?

Thanks to Sha’Carri Richardson and Beats, that's exactly what we've got. Oh, and DONDA's release date has been officially confirmed, though only Yeezy knows if it'll actually be observed.

A new Beats ad, "Run To Glory," features Richardson doing what she does best — running at top speed amidst some flashy lights. Not "Flashing Lights," though: we instead hear "Glory," a brand new song that features, of all people, Snoop Dogg with Kanye.

The Dr. Dre-produced track is not part of DONDA, it's just a bonus snippet of exclusive 'Ye that has never seen the light of day until now. No official release date for "Glory," of course, but it's at least nice to see what actually came of Kanye, Snoop, and Dre in the studio.

Remember, Beats by Dre debuted the first Sha'Carri-centric campaign during Game 6 of the NBA Finals, scored and edited by Kanye himself. The new clip ties in pretty well with the old one by design, making it pretty clear that this multifaceted rollout was Kanye's plan all along (maybe).

That one-minute-long spot featured a new song called "No Child Left Behind," which will be featured on DONDA, unlike "Glory." It also signaled the would-be release date for the highly anticipated album: Friday, July 23. So much for that. At least there's another listening party going down tomorrow.

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