Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. has dropped its $624,000 lawsuit against Kanye West's YEEZY label over an allegedly unpaid fabric bill, The Blast reports.

The case dates back to June 2018, when YEEZY allegedly ordered 53,500 yards of fleece fabric worth $624,000, which the Japanese company claims he never paid. West and his team, however, say the order never arrived.

According to West's legal team, the "Plaintiff never delivered the allegedly contracted-for product, and YEEZY Apparel allegedly did not pay the full price for that undelivered product. Despite being a basic business dispute between companies, Plaintiff needlessly inflates this case into a 4-count complaint under both tort and contract theories, baselessly including the celebrity member of YEEZY Apparel (West)."

Toki Sen-I Co and YEEZY Apparel's relationship started in 2015. The lawsuit was filed in January 2019. The trial was scheduled for May 11. No details of a settlement were disclosed.

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