KAWS' latest collaboration with fast-fashion giant Uniqlo came out in China today, and shoppers were in an unforgiving mood when it came to getting their hands on the gear.

Footage has emerged on platforms such as Weibo showing overzealous KAWS fans literally fighting each other to get to the apparel first. As seen in the clips above and below, some eager patrons even took to decapitating store mannequins in a desperate bid to cop the wares.

According to website What's on Weibo, the hashtag “Everybody KAWS” (#全员kaws#) had received 140 million views on Weibo by Monday evening, China time. The collection sold out instantly after it appeared online, and is said to be reselling for more than four times its initial price point.

KAWS' — real name Brian Donnelly — relationship with Uniqlo stretches back to 2016. He recently confirmed via Instagram that the new, Companion-centric collection would be his final release with the Japanese retail powerhouse.

Online sales of the new Uniqlo x KAWS collection start in Europe on June 6. The collection drops in the US today at 10 a.m. EDT.

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