Kehlani has shared a new song called "Valentine's Day (Shameful)." The R&B singer dropped the new track on SoundCloud two days after she and YG released a Valentine's Day collab titled "Konclusions." The timing has sent Twitter's rumor mill into overdrive.

Produced by The Rascals, the song sees Kehlani calling out a lover for cheating. "Wish I didn't check your text when you was drunk sleep / I've seen everything I didn't want to see."

She continues, "I'd say your name but you don't deserve recognition / You played the hero but you really are the villain / There ain't a bone in me that wants to spare your feelings."

“Hope you live happily ever after with the bitch/ Fly to France, wine and crackers, honeymoon with the bitch/ I hope you fuck around and have the son you wanted with the bitch.”

Yet despite not naming names, fans suspect the new song is aimed at her on-and-off boyfriend, YG.

Listen to Kehlani's new song below.

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