Last October marked the passing of Kenzo Takada, founder of Kenzo. Although a huge hit to the fashion house, Takada's influential legacy remains ever present, from his love of movement and color, to his unbridled joyous energy that oozed its way onto Kenzo garments and accessories alike. Over the last couple of years, Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista has been at the helm paying homage to Kenzo's DNA and core archives to keep the brands true beliefs and aesthetic alive.

Diving into the athleisure market last year, we saw the brand unveil its latest brainchild, Kenzo Sport. Kenzo is no stranger to activewear, however this specific line combines elegance and technicality with strong graphic design and comfort. With the well-known Kenzo logo transformed into an 'X' for Kenzo Sport, the brand revealed a fresh unique identity, inspired by crisp and clean functionality, and more distinct unisex accents.

For its latest collection, courtesy of Baptista, Kenzo Sport revealed a body of work that hones in on the idea of structured yet sophisticated utilitarian design, allowing fluid movement to emphasise the brands newfound direction towards athletic wear - as clearly exemplified in the campaign shots. The garments exude airy cuts, vibrant colors and high-tech materials , from parkas, windbreakers, and T-shirts, to leggings, and bucket hats. Alongside the neo-sporty silhouettes, a limited edition blanket-cape, designed in collaboration with adventurous lifestyle brand VOITED, is introduced in three different colors with the new Kenzo Sport signature 'X' reworked into a monogram to create a 'K' flag for the outer of the blanket.

With a clear focus on movement and flexibility, the men's and women's Kenzo Sport collections emphasise fit-for-purpose freedom. 

The Kenzo Sport collection is available on and in Kenzo stores worldwide.

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