evin abstract treadmill 10 hour livestream Kevin Abstract brockhampton
Getty Images / Tim Mosenfelder

Last week, BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract released his highly-anticipated solo album ARIZONA BABY. To accompany its release, the musician decided to embark on a bit of performance art, livestreaming himself outside of his childhood home on Brockhampton street in Corpus Christi, Texas walking on a treadmill for 10 hours.

He allowed people to come interact with him during the event, welcoming their selfies and their questions. He cited Shia LaBeouf as the main inspiration behind the project, someone who is no stranger to performance art himself. This isn’t the first time Abstract has explored the art of livestreaming. Back in 2014, he hosted a 24 hour livestream showing his computer desktop, giving fans a glimpse into his browsing habits. Check out all ten hours of the livestream via YouTube below.

Words by Bianca Giulione
Associate Music Editor

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