Remember when Klättermusen provided the outdoor gear you'd been looking for? Well, it's got more, thanks to the new "Off The Mountain" collection.

Global lockdowns sparked a new wave of adventure, as restricted travel highlighted the beauty that exists on our doorsteps. From city parks to country walks and mountainous peaks, the allure of the great outdoors has persisted, and with it, a renaissance in outdoor clothing.

For Fall/Winter 2021, Klättermusen set a clear mission statement. Functional style with maximum safety (for the wearer) and minimal impact.

Although my personal mountain climbing knowledge and experiences are limited, with only three climbs under my belt (welp), I know that the best apparel is functional and adaptable, and stylish is never a miss. The same goes for those post-climb moments – including multiple pints to celebrate.

The concise eight-piece collection, while as high-performing as mainline products, is less about bells and whistles.

Klättermusen CEO, Gonz Ferrero described the design direction of the collection, saying: “With Off The Mountain® we have conceptualized and created technical products for transitioning between mountain activities. The collection is not about trends, but rather a natural extension of our development process. We spent time to understand the needs of mountaineers when in transit, which is not lesser or simpler than the performance needed for alpinism or trekking."

Off the mountain, you'll find light-down jackets, wool-blend pants, hoodies, tees, and long-sleeve zip-ups.

You can shop the new collection now via Klättermusen.

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