The outdoor gear you've been looking for has finally arrived with the launch of Klättermusen's Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

With the seasonal transition fully upon us, the clamor for adventure in the great outdoors is reaching a fever pitch. The benefits of switching out your street-side strides for a trip to the mountains are well documented; it makes you feel great, so why not look great while doing it?

As fall rolls in, Klättermusen's latest collection has arrived in perfect time to allow you to do both. The Swedish outwear experts' commitment to marrying style and function has been built with the wearer in mind, but it hasn't achieved it at the behest of the planet; FW21 is all about maximum safety (for the wearer) with minimal impact.

The pinnacle of any outdoor apparel collection is, of course, outerwear – the heart and soul of weather protection. An armor of sorts, jackets are the first line of defense against the elements, so taped seams, peaked hoods, and waterproofing are a no-brainer. Luckily for the hiking enthusiast within us all, Klättermusen has all of the above.

Although a jacket may be the main draw, it is not enough alone. The Fall/Winter range is concise, building upwards from a base of short sleeve t-shirts, shirts, and shorts, into transitional cargo pants equipped for rain and shine.

As you progress on your journey into full techwear mania, the amount of pockets you require is likely to increase. Once you've exhausted your jacket and cargo pockets, accessories become an essential part of the game. Fortunately, small and large item baggage carriers are available, meaning all of your random carabiners will have a place to call home.

Even if your idea of a hike is just around the block to re-up on groceries, you can start picking up all your Klättermusen Fall/Winter 2021 favorites online now.

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