Just last week we got a look at the Palm smartphone that features a tiny 3.3-inch screen. Now we're back with another compact design, showcasing Kyocera's new KY-01L cell phone.

The KY-01L is being marketed as the world's thinnest, lightest, credit card-sized mobile phone, with dimensions of 91mm x 55mm, as it is roughly 5.3mm thick and weighs about 47g. The device features an ePaper display and is capable of calling and texting, as well as browsing the web, also with calculator and calendar functions.

If you're looking for a minimalist alternative to a device like the iPhone, you may want to give Kyocera's KY-01L a try. Unfortunately, the phone is solely releasing in Japan — for now — in November.

For more on the credit card-sized phone, follow here.

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