LEGO just trolled Samsung by releasing its own take on the foldable phone. Yesterday, the toy-production company tweeted a satirical advertisement for its "LEGO fold," drawing clear design cues from Samsung's own campaign.

At just $69.99 the "LEGO fold" comes in well below its $2,000 Samsung equivalent or Huawei’s $2,600 5G Foldable Mate X. It also boasts an unparalleled battery life thanks to its entirely LEGO construction.

In actuality, the “LEGO fold” is a pop-up book , released in November 2018. The children's toy, which is billed as an “imagination tool,” includes a Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, Wolf, and Giant figurine.

If you're priced out of the foldable-phone market, it might be time to start using your imagination.

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