Time certainly has its advantages for American legacy brands like Levi's. The denim and clothing maker, now in its 161st year of business, has been through it all in the USA: from the Civil War and the Reconstruction to the modernization of the American skyline during the 1930s in cities like New York and Chicago. Levi's were worn by the very men building the skyscrapers that inspired the Metropolis Collection from Levi's Vintage Clothing.

A throwback to that time, the LVC Fall/Winter 2014 Metropolis garments are divided into two main themes: workwear for the "builders" and office-wear for the "architects." While the triple-pleated denim blouse and Menlo leather jacket exemplify the outerwear worn by construction site workers at the time, there is a range of pristine leather jackets, floral button-downs, and cozy knits for those more inclined to the indoors. Our favorite style is the Levi's 1933 501 jeans variant that will appeal to those who want a touch of distress in their denim.

Best of all, as always, the collection is made in the USA. Available now at Levi's online.

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