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In a previously unseen interview with Montreality, Lil Peep goes deep on mental health, life after death, romance, heartbreak, and more. The late rapper, who passed away suddenly last week, was originally interviewed back in April for the platform. Montreality have included a statement at the beginning of the clip, specifying, “this video is not and will not ever be monetized.”

“You could just wake up again, I know there’s something because you can’t kill energy, energy doesn’t die,” Peep says around the 4:35 mark. “There’s literally like a weird thing that like leaves your brain when you die, it leaves your brain and just like floats out into the atmosphere or whatever.”

He also goes on to discuss his favorite rappers, naming Gucci Mane, Pro-Era, Wu-Tang, MF Doom, and speaks at length about Future. “Future is gonna be remembered forever, Future just has so much quality music. People like to turn up to it and they don’t even sometimes know what they’re listening to and it’s just like so much deeper than turning up to that sh*t. It gets me emotional you know.”

Check out the full interview above, and revisit our interview and editorial with Lil Peep right here.

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