Lil Uzi Vert just surprised dropped his long-awaited album, Eternal Atake, and fans are scrambling to listen through the 18-track suite of certified bangers.

Uzi had designated March 13 as the official release date, so today's drop came as somewhat of a surprise. The emo-rapper aroused suspicion this morning when he published the tracklist, but few expect the album to drop so soon afterward.

Today, productivity is set to take a nose-dive as fans abandon their responsibilities to finally take their first listen of the long-delayed album.

In the short time that it's been out, fans have already noticed that the fifth track, “You Better Move,” samples the beloved computer game 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet, and fans are here for the nostalgia value. And we're certain that more Easter eggs will emerge as the day wears on.

For now, scroll to see the best reactions to the surprise drop.

Sound familiar?

It may have even been worth the wait


It's as good as we'd hoped

We all have our priorities

And it's already giving us life

Playboi Carti, your silence is deafening

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