Artist: Lil Uzi Vert

Album: Eternal Atake

Drop Date: Eternal Atake dropped on March 6. The Deluxe Version has yet to receive a release date.

Stream: Although Uzi teased a March 13 release date, he surprise-dropped the album on March 6. Stream below.

Tracklist: The morning of the Eternal Atake release, Lil Uzi tweeted the final tracklist.

1 “Baby Pluto” (Unreleased)

2 “Lo Mein” (Unreleased)

3 “Silly Watch”

4 “Pop” (Unreleased)

5 “You Better Move” (Unreleased)

6 “Homecoming” (Unreleased)

7 “I'm Sorry” (Unreleased)

8 “Celebration Station” (Unreleased)

9 “Bigger Than Life” (Unreleased)

10 “Chrome Hearts Tags” (Unreleased)

11 “Bust Me” (Unreleased)

12 “Prices”

13 “Urgency” (Ft. Syd) (Unreleased)

14 “Venetia” (Unreleased)

15 “Secure the Bag” (Unreleased)

16 “P2” (The End)

17 “Futsal Shuffle 2020”

18 “That Way”

Uzi previously stated that the album would contain 16 tracks, including "That Way," his Backstreet Boys-sampling track, as well as the glitchy dance track "Futsal Shuffle 2020." In the end, he added two bonus tracks, bringing the album total to 18 tracks.

Previous singles “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s a Rack” didn't make the cut. Though this isn't surprising given both tracks are now a year old and were released during a period where Uzi was having well-documented label issues and threatening to retire from music altogether.

Syd, who features the album's 13th track, "Urgency" is the only featured artist named in the tracklisting. Chief Keef made the beat for “Chrome Hearts Tags.”

Deluxe Album Tracklist:  While Future, Young Thug, Lil Baby and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie didn't make it onto EA, Uzi has confirmed that they each feature on the deluxe version.

He recently revealed the 10 song tracklist in a tweet, naming “Come This Way,” “That’s Crazy,” “Lotus,” “Jellybean,” “Myron” and “Me and the Moon Relate” as track titles.

Album Art:  Uzi gave fans the chance to pick from three different cover options. The most-voted one would become the official album cover for Eternal Take. Check out the three options below.

The second cover won by landslide, with over 60 percent of Uzi fans choosing the UFO-inspired design. Take a look at the official cover below.

Back in 2008, we saw an alternative artwork for Eternal Atake, which referenced the infamous cult Heaven’s Gate. However, it’s beleived to have been scrapped due to copyright infringement. Revisit the cover below.

Editor’s Notes: 

Eternal Atake album trailer:  The official trailer for the album was titled BabyPluto. The short film sees the rapper having an encounter of the third kind. Watch it below.

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