Last month, Lizzo quenched everyone’s thirst with the fresh single “Juice.” Now that Dry January is over, she’s hitting us with even more goodies off her forthcoming debut album CUZ I LOVE YOU. Today, the Minnesota singer-songwriter shared the title track along with a sensational visual directed by Quinn Whitney Wilson. Lizzo sets the tone by belting everything out in the first line followed by a shameless verse about the miraculous experience of having a change of heart: “Never been in love before/ What the fuck are fuckin’ feelings yo?/ Once upon a time I was a hoe/ I don’t even wanna hoe no more.”

The black-and-white video depicts her letting it all out in a confession booth lined up with beautiful black men embellished with white tanks before switching to Lizzo preaching to them about the power of love. Without giving too much away, it gets extremely emotional. CUZ I LOVE YOU is out on April 19 via Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic Records. Watch the humanizing narrative above.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

Softcore tastemaker at your service.